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A human creature born abnormally, inhumanly sensitive.


Limited edition art print available on Intrinsic Editions
Giclee print available in 2 sizes: 14” x 22” and 17” x 27”
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One Autumn Day (2014)10 x 15”Oil on wood

One Autumn Day (2014)
10 x 15”
Oil on wood

I am not who you think I am
Never was

Artist’s Bible

Artist’s Bible

Instead of goodbye
I will miss you sounds much better

Perhaps only memories remain unchanged.
5 hour study | 9”x12”  Oil on panel

5 hour study | 9”x12”
Oil on panel

➜ Rachel Portman - We had today / Piano
Another drawing, progress

Another drawing, progress

Graphite, progress, tools

Graphite, progress, tools

Quality and Subtlety
Subtraction and Seduction
Simplicity and Concinnity

Remember “one cannot please all”
Remember there are always “appropriate audiences”

Spend your time with those who treasure your existence.

Self-sacrifice is the art of inner beauty.